Mars Valley Chile & Valle de la Luna Chile Travel Guide

Location of Valle de la Luna Chile:

San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region, Chile:Valle de la Luna is a valley in Los Flamencos National Reserve, in northern Chile’s the Atacama Desert. It’s known for its moonlike scene of ridges, tough mountains, and particular shake developments. Bicycle trails lead to the valley from the adjacent town of San Pedro de Atacama. Toward the southeast, the turquoise water of Laguna Cejar sinkhole has an incredibly high salt focus.


The strange rock structures of the Moon Valley (Valley of the Moon) and the changing colors of the Mars and Tila Valley and the Mars Valley and the Salt Mountains are an attraction that you cannot miss while visiting the Atacama Desert. At night, both places became the most romantic place to observe the stars.

After just a few minutes exploring San Pedro de Atacama, you can cycle to this mysterious environment, follow and enjoy the sandboard on the mounds. See them and admire the overwhelming shadow that appears in the desert.

Mars Valley or Death Valley:

The Death Valley National Park offers a variety of landscapes for photographers. The variety and variety of scenes is simply amazing. From the valley to the sand dunes, the dunes, the salt flats and the colorful wild flowers, you can find many photos of a national park, but people would think you went to many different places. Very few places in the world offer many textures, intense colors and extreme conditions to capture. Below, we have a list of some of the best places to take photos in Death Valley National Park so you can plan your photo tour.

Beauty of Valle de la Luna Chile:

It is situated in the Salt mountain run, toward the west of San Pedro and the south of the new expressway. The Moon Valley is an intriguing zone of an arrangement of stone and sand. Announced Sanctuary of Nature it contains Los Flamencos National Reserve. Situated inside the Salto mountain run Located to 13 kilometers toward the west of San Pedro de Atacama. The valley gets this name because of the incredible comparability of the spot to the mole scenes. We will start our trip visiting the colossal huge geologic development, which is situated in a standout amongst the most infertile zones of the planet. It is a region of extraordinary magnificence that looks like the mole scene by the stone arrangement, petrified salt, and sand, that amid millennia, floods and winds have shaped to its way. Shock yourself with the colossal figures of salt and earth developed with the go of the years and the breeze, we will have the chance to know “Las Tres Marias” figures with remarkable magnificence that can be shot and pondered by quite a while. At last we will visit the brilliant natural hollows of the salt joined by the forcing Licancabur well of lava, by and by to be astounded by the extraordinary enchantment of the desert, extraordinarily of the valley is where we will have the chance to appreciate the most lovely dusk that our eyes never will almost certainly overlook. Quickly, amazing structures result of the progressive changes of the earthbound hull, offer the part of a genuine mole scene. There isn’t living in this valley, neither one of the humidities, turning it the coldest spot of the planet. There isn’t to lose the dusk, because of it is remarkable. At the point when the sun sinks, it is painting pie conditions the edges of slopes and debases, while the breeze blows among the stones and the sky go from pink shading to purple lastly dark.

Point of fact it is one of principle alluring of San Pedro de Atacama, visited by several travelers step by step, which are truly shocked by its particular and special magnificence exceptional to wherever.

Best Things to Do in Valle De La Luna:

This is what it’s really like taking a tour of Valle de la Luna, a place that will blow your mind in every respect:

The Atacama Desert is really one of my preferred places on the planet – there’s simply no where very like it.

With foaming fountains, mountain tidal ponds and outsider scenes, it truly has the absolute most unusual and differed scenes I’ve at any point run over.

In case you’re making a beeline for the Atacama Desert, I’d truly suggest a voyage through Valle de la Luna, the Valley of the Moon – it’s all in the name actually yet this spot is awesome!

My Experience of Valle de la Luna:

We sat on a stone together, heads turned right, eyes immovably bolted not too far off.

In spite of the way that there were many individuals around us, we were felt like we were the main ones there, the main ones to observe this excellent minute.

At first there was the brilliant orange of the sun consuming splendidly before gradually turning a profound purple shading as it slipped behind the stones off into the separation, covering the valley floor in haziness.

Around us there was a stunning quietness, at that point a practically discernable moan after the sun had set. The spell was broken; individuals began to converse with one another again swinging to stroll back to their vehicles and transports, glad to set out home toward the day.

Taking a tour of Valle de la Luna:

In the wake of taking a voyage through the El Tatio fountains that morning, that evening saw us visiting Valle de la Luna on another visit.

This spot is only 30 minutes west of San Pedro de Atacama and when you enter the valley floor it is straightforward where the name originates from.

Huge white rocks cover the ground while mammoth red precipices tower either side. Slicing through the center is a street. Simply the one street, and it is very scary driving through here.

Visiting the Salt Caves in Valle de la Luna:

Our visit began at 4.00pm and our first stop was at Cuevas de Sal, a spot made out of delicate salt/sandstone shake.

Since this stone is made out of salt and sandstone, it actually washes away when it rains here, so consistently the view changes with new channels and gorges being cut into scene.

One such ravine really shaped passage through the stone, and strolling through this I couldn’t resist the opportunity to think I was in a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (that is the young man in me).

Once through to the opposite side, the scene changed once more, and out of the blue, we could really observe the Valle de la Luna.

Vero, our guide for the afternoon, disclosed to us how this scene was shaped, at how the stones are in every case always moving and evolving here.

To feature her point, she requested that every one of us close our eyes and tune in for a moment. From time to time you could hear the capable of being heard split of rocks moving, as though gaps were opening up surrounding us (don’t stress, they weren’t).

It’s difficult to portray, however being there, hearing that, it caused you to acknowledge exactly how alterable Cuevas de Sal is, and it’s odd to believe that individuals who come here one year from now will see something altogether different to what I saw.

The Amphitheatre in Valle de la Luna:

From Cuevas de Sal we drove through the center of the Valle de la Luna to a spot called the Amphitheater, a tremendous red shake distending from the earth that looked more much the same as Mars than the moon.

While being on the valley floor seeing those precipices around me, I realized we needed to move to the highest point of one, and once we got to the top we were managed the most wonderful perspectives on the valley before us.

I realize it sounds worn out yet they truly are awesome!

The Great Dune:

From Cuevas de Sal we drove through the center of the Valle de la Luna to a spot called the Amphitheater, a gigantic red shake projecting from the earth that looked more similar to Mars than the moon.

While being on the valley floor seeing those precipices around me, I realized we needed to move to the highest point of one, and once we got to the top we were managed the most wonderful perspectives on the valley before us.

I realize it sounds old hat yet they truly are wild!

Valle de la Luna Sunset:

At last, no excursion to the Valle de la Luna would be finished without watching dusk in the desert. Here, with the unending scene before you, you genuinely get a feeling of how betrayed and forlorn this spot is – no life lives here, nor will it. Just shake and daylight.

As the sun sets, it’s staggering observing all the encompassing scene change shading from yellow to orange, at that point from red to dark colored, until everything is covered in a profound purple shading, practically like a velvet drapery has been pulled over your eyes.

There’s a motivation behind why they considered this spot the Valle de la Luna, and now and again it felt like we were transported a million miles away, just us strolling around this extraordinary setting. It truly is stunning at how delightful this spot is.

Top Tips for Valley of the Moon:

Drink lots of water: Clearly you’re in one of the most sizzling, driest places on earth, so ensure you have LOTS of water. Like parts and heaps of water.

Wear comfortable shoes: The quantity of individuals I was in flip-flops shakes head sadly The Valley of the Moon is a desert so ensure you wear agreeable shoes. I would dependably prescribe coaches or climbing shoes for this spot

Bring a couple of layers: After your dynamite Valle de la Luna dusk, it can get freezing in all respects rapidly in the desert, so bring layers so you can get changed.

Don’t forget your camera: I won’t disclose to you what number of photographs I took in the Atacama Desert yet it was effectively into the thousands. Ensure you remember your camera here!

Leave a little tip:On the off chance that you’re on a voyage through Valle de la Luna, at that point it’s dependably a smart thought to leave a tip with your visit control as an indication of appreciation.

Don’t leave any rubbish:You’d be shocked at how much trash I saw while in the Atacama Desert. Try not to be a piece of the issue and take all waste with you.

How Much does a Tour of Valle De La Luna Cost?

A voyage through Valle de la Luna costs around £16 ($20) and incorporates all vehicle costs.

Ensure you bring an additional £3 ($5) for the Valle de la Luna extra charges as these are excluded in the cost.

Best Time To Visit Valle De La Luna:

Valle de La Luna Visit Time. While you can visit whenever of the year, we prescribe going among December and February, amid the Chilean summer. Amid those months, daytime temperatures normal about 77°F (25°C) and plummet to about 46°F (8°C) during the evening.

Best Hotel Near Valle De La Luna :

  • Ruka Zen Lodge
  • Lodge y Cabañas Rio Yaye
  • Naturalis
  • Terra Luna Atacama
  • Lodge Don Felix
  • Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama
  • Tierra Atacama Hotel And Spa
  • North Terra Hotel
  • Hostal Amigo Lucho
  • Lodge Las Rocas – Hostel

Best Restaurants Near Valle De La Luna:

  • Cafe Esquina
  • Cocineria Techuchi
  • Barros
  • Barros Cafe
  • Adobe
  • Food Stalls
  • Sol Inti Restaurant
  • Sala de Cerveza Chelacabur
  • Blanco
  • La Estaka


t is a standout amongst the most visited places in San Pedro and it is situated at 17 kilometers of San Pedro’s downtown, in the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt mountains) region, is a fascinating zone with stones and sand arrangements that per millenia the floods and the breezes have given it a progression of hues and surface to the desert, it exhibits an uncommon alluring by its likeness with the moon surface and the regular coliseo of incredible measurements. From an incredible ridge is conceivable to welcome the magnificent and amazing surroundings of this zone.

Set of scenes of unique magnificence and that take after a piece of the moon scene.

This great common wonder is because of the experience of the Atacama desert with the Andes mountain extend, which is created by smooth incline changes, accommodated by cones of rollings starting of the mountain liquidation.

The Moon Valley has dry lakes, in where the salt structure of these spreads with a lovely white mantle; ledges of all green, blue, red, yellow hues amazing with the most various and astounding structures and which the sun makes fluctuate its tones in thousand unique structures amid the day, exceptionally in the dusk hours that achieves its best magnificence.

In full moon evenings, the valley likewise introduces an indefinable perspective, whole of magnificence and quiet, briskly wonderful and forcing.

It presents different saline outcrops that appear to be genuine models additionally of an incredible assortment of natural hollows.

In this spot a geologic exhibition of incredible magnificence can be watched, in exceptional at night and dawn.

Pronounced asylum of the nature by its incredible common excellence and unusual moon appearance to which should its name. Consistently is visited by several travelers for being one of the knowest puts in Chile.

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